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Our Services

The Northwest Ohio Waiver Administration Council (NOWAC) performs a variety of functions on behalf of the participating boards. Major services include Major Unusual Incident (MUI) investigation, Medicaid Waiver / Supported Living (SL) administration, and Document Imaging / Storage Services.

Major Unusual Incident Investigations

NOWAC investigates MUIs, as determined by the participating County Boards' Rule Definition Interpretation. The duties of the MUI Investigator are to investigate, review, remedy, and analyze incidents adversely affecting the health and safety of individuals. The Investigative Agent works with local law enforcement and Children Services where appropriate. The Investigative Agent also provides technical assistance to member County Boards, provides annual MUI training to County Boards and assures compliance with MUI rules 02 and 03.

Medicaid / Supported Living Administration

NOWAC assists member county boards in the administration of Medicaid waiver and Supported Living services per DODD Waiver rules and Supported Living rules. This includes management of the annual supported living allocation and State match funds, developing annual contract services budgets, assisting with Free Choice of Provider and Provider CertificationISP compliance reviews, and Provider compliance reviews. NOWAC also provides technical assistance and training to participating county boards.